Maha Zeeshan

Miss Maha Zeeshan is working as a Relationship Manager in Health Rahbar
Karachi. She has MSc (Physiology) and Diploma in Cardiac Technology.
She is involved in conducting medical procedures, assisting patients, and
providing lessons about health, wellness, and fitness; taught students
advanced techniques regarding medicine and proper use of clinical
equipment as well. Her Ability is to keenly analyse data & communicate
effectively and strategically with clients, along with my strong organizational
and interpersonal talents-position her to thrive in this role. Building and
maintaining beneficial and trusting customers, optimising client service and
support, expanding existing relationship profitability, developing strategic
and innovative ideas.
She has 01 Year experience as a Medical Technologist at Hamdard College of
Medical and Dentistry and Couple of years working experience as a Medical
Assistant at Doctor’s and Physio Clinic.
Her areas of interest are Health Research and Health Administration.